How often should I Clean my Outdoor AC Unit?

The Issue with Outdoor AC Units

Outdoor AC units often break down or need repairs much faster than usual. They are openly exposed to the worst conditions such as unbearably long hours of heat or the harsh Minnesota Winter. HVAC units have many parts that require upkeep to ensure a long lifetime of smooth function. When AC coils begin to build-up grime, dust and dirt, they can block the air conditioner unit from working properly. Months or years of neglected parts can even lead to the unit overheating which quickly results in catastrophe. Many people never service nor clean their outdoor AC units because they are not aware of the necessary maintenance. Commonly, people come home in the dead of summer to an AC unit that no longer keeps their home cool. Homeowners largely remain confused at how to efficiently keep up with their unit. If you are in a similar situation, read on further to learn more about what your HVAC unit requires and how furnace repair Minneapolis MN can handle these issues.

Why should you clean your Outdoor AC Unit?

Cleaning your outdoor AC unit is not necessarily an enjoyable chore, but it is a rewarding one that directly affects the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC unit. It is very important to keep the inner coils clean to ensure the best for your home. Many AC owners are unaware of how bad the air quality of their home can get without regular maintenance, HVAC Minneapolis MN wants to shift this attitude. This change will help save money in the long run since you will be less subject to emergency repairs or unit replacement. Nobody wants to pay for an impromptu furnace installation because the AC fell years short of its guarantee due to the lack of upkeep. One of the most important factors of keeping your outdoor AC unit clean is ensuring that the coils are clean Making sure that your coils are taken care of will lower your overall AC bill and it will keep your home cooler during the hottest months. These benefits alone are enough to convince any homeowner to take an extra moment to care for their unit. Not only are there mechanical benefits, but there are also health benefits. Cleaning the coils reduces the amount of harmful airborne contaminants. When your AC unit is running cleanly, the overall air quality within your home is improved.

How often should you clean your Outdoor AC Unit?

Minneapolis heating and air repair recommends cleaning your coils and unit about every 6 months. However, it is good to take notice of your surroundings and environment. If you live in an area with lots of dust, construction, or a forested area with lots of leaves or debris, you may need to consider cleaning the AC coils more often. The frequency mainly depends on these factors, and for furnace repair Minneapolis MN, we suggest assessing these factors upon furnace installation as it will prepare you for the coming maintenance responsibility. The cleaning process itself is fairly simply, first make sure that your HVAC unit is off and then simply wash off the inside with a garden hose. Call (612) 504-4302 for more information on outdoor AC units and the best AC experience.